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Who is Craig Stanton Thomas? 

Chicago-born and raised, Craig Stanton Thomas, is releasing his first solo album, “Bridges I Have Crossed”, in May 2021. He toured Sweden with the band Morninglory in 1972 and moved there permanently in 1975. 


Some forty plus years after the release of Morninglory’s album in the early 70’s, this new album contains all original songs and the style is an eclectic mix of rock, Americana and folk music. It hopes to inspire and challenge the listener with thought provoking lyrics that are definitely worth extra attention. Bridges I Have Crossed features both vocal and instrumental contributions from his partner in life, Hanna Enlöf, known from the wildly talented Swedish duo, Good Harvest. The duet Hanna and Craig sing in the dystopian environmental vision of "Three Degree World" is one of the biggest highlights of the album.

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